Hi, I’m Dave… This is my about page…

The one place I can rattle on about myself unashamedly…

I currently am Managing Producer for Gartner Web Products.
I live an hour from my office because I like the woods.
I enjoy good usability, digital experiences, and intelectual stimulation.
I like music, Bruce Lee, holistic health, and biohacking.
I think information listed in groups of 5 is great.

But why should you care about what I say?

It’s simple: I will give you the tools to help you win arguments with clients and co-workers. It feels good to be right, and it feels gooder to have validation.

My work…

I started off as a paperboy, and moved on to washing dishes, frying wings, head Whopper chef, line cook, waiter, bus boy, food runner, crumb scrapper (very fancy place), bouncer, bar tender, event security guard, personal trainer, holistic health coach, newspaper writer, copywriter, owner of a wellness company, and as if I needed more people skills…. I’ve been in the IT industry for 10+ years.

I’ve launched websites and mobile applications, coded tedious table layouts and fluid CSS. I’ve consulted on SEO strategy, social branding, and web content architecture. I’ve put on various hats over the years. It all comes down to making good experiences for both an organization and an individual. I’ve been at Gartner since 2000. My first 2 years consisted of a rotational program in their Events department. I worked in logistics to foster IT events for 10,000+ people, wrote marketing copy and web copy as well as managed list databases. I moved to “e-Business” management and worked with streaming media, kiosk systems, and digital signage. My marketing world seemed to have a new spin… and I loved it. Still working in Gartner Events I became Manager of Web and Technology Strategy. That is when the magic happened. Cultivating relationships with our corporate web culture, I moved out of the Events department and became a Producer as part of Gartner’s Strategic Technology Group.

I now manage a team of Producers and have been involved with bringing business and technology together for a company that leads the industry in helping others do the same. There aren’t enough acronyms and buzzwords I can write here that will explain all the things I actually do. I enjoy problem solving and creating simple user experiences. I do it well. I do it often.